6 Reasons Why Even Soldiers Should Go Primal

Kandahar PRT engineers assess Department of Public Works facilities

Let me preface this post by saying that most Americans-not just Soldiers-should start eating real foods exclusively.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2012), over 2/3 of Americans are overweight and over 1/3 of us are obese….Wow!  That’s pretty sad.  Even sadder is that the US Military is not exempt when it comes to obesity.

I’ve been serving for over 17 years and it seems like many soldiers I’ve served with-past & present- are either out of shape or overweight.  Yes…you read that correctly.

The uniform represents a sense of pride, strength, and honor.  However, nowadays there’s a small problem; There’s a heck of a lot of units state-side since the demand for troops & resources overseas has dramatically slowed down.   Since we no longer have the need to keep our eyes on the enemy, we’re now keeping a closer eye on each other.

What’s this mean?  It means that things as innocuous as tattoos, minor medical issues (most of which were ignored during wartime), and weight standards are being scrutinized-big time.  One little slip-up and, bye-bye, Uncle Sam DOESN’T WANT YOU.

Fat Soldier

I’m still serving on active duty.  Therefore, I can’t really speak out or publicly offer my opinion regarding military policies.  However, I can certainly make some recommendations regarding the wellness of service members.

So, without further ado, here are the reasons why even soldiers should go Primal, as a weight-management strategy.  And as I prefaced, all these reasons-except for #6-pretty much apply to anyone desiring to reduce or manage their weight:

6 Reasons Why Soldiers Should Go Primal:

1. They’ll be hungry less often because their hunger & fullness signals would start functioning properly (for the first time in decades for most of us)

2. When hunger & fullness signals function the way nature intended, they’ll no longer be slaves to food products, fast food, and processed foods

3. When they’re no longer (falsely) hungry every three to four hours, they’ll (by nature) eat less throughout the day

4. Just by the natural caloric reduction, they’ll eat less, eat more healthy food, and spend less money on garbage food

5. No stupid diets, no stupid products, no quick fix solutions

6. They can avoid [the embarrassment of] getting discharged for being overweight


There’s a long list of other reasons why soldiers should break away from the disease-riddled Standard American Diet.  And although a Primal diet is not the only solution for soldiers, it’s a proven weight-reduction strategy they should seriously consider.

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The Primal Sergeant™


 This list applies to servicemembers that are currently state-side, i.e., not deployed.  The nutritional needs and eating patterns of deployed servicemembers are completely different and not applicable herein.  



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