Getting Past the SUCK!


You’re feeling great.  You’ve bought into the newest fad (even though you won’t admit it).  You’ve got your work-out,  get-huge-quick plans,  and the first week is almost over.  At the end of the week your muscles are sore and you think to yourself, “Self, I think a day break is a good idea.”

DB Press

So you take a day off and it feels good.  Of course it feels good (now, keep that in mind because it’ll come up again).  But after taking off the first day, on the second day you think, “I worked ‘hard’ last week, another day off is okay…”

Next thing you know you head back to the gym and it hurts.  You aren’t having fun at all and you think about how bad it sucks.  Yes, delayed onset muscle soreness (D.O.M.S for short) does suck.  And yes, there’s actually a sports medicine term for that.


So you stop going back to the gym.  And we’ve all been there, so we normally blame our job, our family, or other responsibilities that “just came up”.  Regardless of why you stop, you just stop going and you never moved passed the SUCK.

I won’t ask if you’ve felt this before because I know you have.  I have too, many times.  And it makes sense when you THINK about it.  Your body was at a seemingly peaceful state until ambitious-you decided to get back into shape.

At first your body started to feel good, since, it too (from a natural, evolutionary standpoint) wants to be in good shape.  Then, as your muscles began to respond, adapt, and grow, your body started to tell you things.  HERE is where we started misunderstanding our body’s messages.

So, going forward, once we hit that point where is starts to suck, we need to push through it and get past it.  We need to push forward for 2 main reasons.   Here they are:

Reason #1- Your body desires and needs it

It may seem difficult but it’s easier than you think.  Quite simply, you and your body need to get past the SUCK.  At the exact moment where you think it’s a “good idea” to chill & relax for a few days (which may turn into weeks),  then you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you really want to achieve your goal of being fit.  Don’t get me wrong; Rest is a good thing for your muscles, but there’s a huge difference between resting for 3 days versus a 3 month siesta.

This is the point where you may come up with hundreds of excuses (home responsibilites, fantasy football, your significant other won’t let you, etc…),  but there will not be a single REASON why you should stop going to the gym and working out.  The excuses are easy to create but they mean nothing.  What’s yours, again?

Reason #2- Think about why you’re doing this

Are you trying to get huge or just fit?  Once you’ve passed this point (where it sucks) and you hit the gym I want you to STOP and THINK about why you’re doing what you’re doing.   Are you trying to get jacked? Are you trying to be toned or just trying to be healthy? What and who are you doing this for?

These are important questions and if you can’t answer these questions, you can’t keep going…not yet.  The true, underlying question you should ask yourself is:

“What will push you above and beyond the point of the SUCK, for the long-term?”

MArines Buddy Carry
Sometimes we just need a small push and a reminder of what’s important to us.  The point behind all of this is that in order for you to move FORWARD, you need to understand that this has to be bigger than yourself.

If you can’t move past the SUCK under normal circumstances, then you’re doomed to fail.  You’ll fail and fall into the billion dollar hole like most of the country, buying into fads and products that promised to get them looking like  calendar cover models.

Don’t  be that guy (or gal)!  YOU are better than that.  It’s not impossible to fulfill a mission of life-long wellness .  And if you think it is, just remember that ‘impossible’ is just a large word thrown around by small people.



The Primal Leader


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