Strategy:  Avoid Drastic Lifestyle Changes

When we commit to the “30-Days of Bootcamp-Hell” transformations or  the “P90-whatever-you-wanna-call-it, we do so without conscious thought of the end-game. We kind of  “just do it” without planning.  $hing, $hing…More profits for the diet & fitness industries.

Do these crazy, extreme, body transformations ever work long-term?  You know the answer.  If you’re doing this crazy stuff because you’re bored, that’s okay.  But chances are, you actually commit to these temporary fitness “patches” because, face it,  you fell for it.

So, the whole purpose of today’s message is this: If you want to save money and your sanity, make sure you commit to lifestyle changes that you can actually sustain, long-term. This means, if you can’t devote 2-hours to the gym for the long-term, why waste time and money on starting a new habit that probably won’t last more than a month?


When you’re ready for long-term change, start with 10-15 minute sessions at the gym (or at home) a few times per week. If that works for you, be creative and think outside the box.

Just don’t be finicky about your fitness.  It doesn’t have to take alot of your time.  Hopefully, knowing this changes the way you’ve looked at fitness most of your (busy) adult life.  It’s your lifestyle, your family, and your deadlines that you have to juggle…

Don’t let anyone or any product dictate the fitness solution you need for your lifestyle…

The only thing you actually need to take permanent control of your fitness is a little bit of planning, some consious thought, and most importantly, Intelligence.


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The Primal Sergeant™


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