A SAD Weapon

Society, especially in our American culture, has programmed us.  We’ve been programmed to be busy, tired, overfed, and worried about issues that don’t pertain to our wellness.

The concepts of nutrition & fitness seem simple, yet over two-thirds of Americans are overweight and don’t practice what they’re preaching to youth.  We rather get scammed, ripped off, or pour money into “quick fix” dieting products that never work long-term.  What’s more troubling is our insane nature to repeat these behaviors that are doing us more harm than good.

obesity epidemic england
We need to wake up from the comatose state we’ve been living in and start taking control of our wellness.  We may “know” about nutrition & fitness, but evidently “knowing” is not enough.   It’s going to require intelligence & strategy to actually  engage in behaviors that will liberate us from one of the most destructive forces on the planet: The Standard American Diet…S.A.D. huh?


The Primal Sergeant


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