Drink & Sink


I like alcohol. It’s a simple, short, and honest fact…

But, is alcohol important?  Of course it isn’t.  I was recently working out with a close friend.   He just couldn’t understand why the size of his waist was growing the more he worked out.  After a good deal of conversation, we figured it out.

It wasn’t a question of his ability to work out effectively.  Instead, he just didn’t understand how diet and alcohol consumption was affecting his body. Because, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, if you drink a lot, you WILL sink. Your training regime will just plain fail when excessive alcohol consumption is part of your lifestyle.

As we always do in our posts, and in keeping with the true nature of Primal Platoon, we are NOT saying that you should stop drinking. That would be ridiculous because I’d be the first person to laugh at you if you told me I had to completely cut alcohol out of my diet.

Soldiers lAUGHING

Face it-we’re adults. And adults consume alcohol…

It isn’t taboo. In fact, at the end of this post, we’ll give you a few solid drink recipes that’ll surprise you. The point is, you need to know how alcohol affects your body. Even worse-and you’ll probably agree- it influences your body and mind to NOT WANT TO WORK OUT.

Towel    If you drink too much, you will sink (see the theme here?).  Alcohol messes with your body in so many ways. It destroys parts of your immune system [prolonging recovery times after work outs too]. It hurts your liver [ I know you’re shocked there]. Worst of all, are the adverse effects it has on your heart.  How does cardiomyopathy sound to you?  Or arrhythmias?  Sound familiar?

You see, when you drink excessively, your blood is “watered down” a bit or thinned by alcohol.  When that occurs, the amount of oxygen that gets to the high quality muscle (like your heart) is reduced and the muscle weakens and stretches; that’s the lay explanation for cardiomyopathy.

Now reach over to your neck or your wrist and find that pulse of yours.  Seems pretty steady right?  Well over time with excessive alcohol, that beat begins to skip and become irregular [AKA “a” rhythmic]. That’s what you call ‘arrhythmias’.

…and those things suck!

Arrythmia   On top of all that, your brain is affected, you lose motivation to work out.  You feel like crap.  And bam.  Next thing you know you’re 100lbs over weight, you have an irregular heartbeat, you can’t walk up a flight of stairs without losing your breath, and you become depressed.  You sink further and further into a hole that’s extremely difficult to get out of….And what’s your solution? MORE DRINKING?

I’m not suggesting that you stop drinking, just drink less…

Don’t stop eating, just eat less. The only person that can make a change is you.  Just know that deep down your body responds to what you put into it.  When you take in excessive sugar, you gain weight.  When you take in excessive alcohol, you gain weight, mess up your heart, liver, and brain AND, you sink deeper into vast hole of depression and pain.

So what’s the real-world, no-nonsense, Primal Platoon strategy for such a sobering issue?

1.  Don’t stop drinking, just drink less.

2.  Don’t fight pain & depression with a beer, fight it with a dumb bell.

3.  Connect w/us via Facebook . We’ll fight this with you [Over a nice adult beverage].


As promised, here are the Primal Platoon, PRIMAL-FRIENDLY ADULT BEVERAGES!

There’s one small catch, though. We NEED your help! Send us pics of your prepared Primal Platoon drinks!  We need some mouth-watering pics for our future posts.  You can also tag us on Instagram @PRIMAL_PLATOON.



-Seltzer Water

-1-2 Shots of Bacardi Rum (or other high-quality clear rum)

-3 Lime wedges (squeezed)



Primal Platoon_Jack Sparrow_fb

-Same ingredients as the CARIBBEAN CAVEMAN, but substitute clear rum w/Captain Morgan

-Lightly “kiss” glass rim with pure agave

-Garnish glass rim with cinnamon (for sandy effect)



-Seltzer Water

-1-2 Shots of Whiskey

-3 Lime Wedges (squeezed)



-Seltzer Water

-2 shots of Vodka

-3 Lemon wedges (squeezed)

-1 cherry


Enjoy responsibly!



Working hard,




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