I have a confession to make. It’s not juicy, it won’t make major headlines, and it won’t cause North Korea to hack your personal computer. It’s this:  I-probably, like you-am so freaking busy.


I’ve been away for the last few months.  I wasn’t on any secret mission or in any parts of the world worth bragging about.  I’ve been in school. I’m a full-time graduate student in a Nutrition program at Framingham State University.  What’s more, I’m an active duty Soldier in the Army National Guard (for those whom didn’t already know).

Operation Enduring Freedom

So, essentially, when the going gets tough-and that’s more often than not-I don’t have the time to blog as often as stay-at-home mom’s (or dads) do.  Here are my priorities:

Priority 1:  Family


Priority 2:  School & Profession


Priority 3:  Promoting Fitness & Wellness


Have I been religiously eating a strict primal diet and doing 1, 000 push-ups every day, these last few months…..Absolutely not.  If any fitness model or expert ever told you they were, it would be time to wave the bullshit flag.

What I have been doing is gaining more and more experience and wisdom of how stress, demanding schedules, and our behaviors effect our desire and motivation to stay fit.  Not like I didn’t know this before-it’s actually what Primal Platoon has been focused on since its inception.   These past few months have just been a loud, in-your-face confirmation of our premise and how much WE GET IT!

Most real (busy) adults know that their family & professional responsibilities are more important than maintaining a chiseled six-pack.  So….how do we maintain a balance?  How do we do what we have to do, while still maintaining a reasonable level of fitness?

Just MOVE YOUR ASS!  There are voluminous amounts of studies that show how sedentary behavior is linked to hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stress, and a host of other conditions that wreak havoc on our mental and physical health.  Regardless of your waist size, sedentary behavior can and will f*%@ your health up.  (Not the most scientific way to put it, but it’s certainly backed by hundreds of scientific studies).

No one is judging your dietary habits over the holidays.  Actually, no one probably cares. So, the bottom line is: If you’re too preoccupied with work, family, school (aka, the Real world), make an effort to stay fit any way possible.  Push-ups, pull-ups, yoga…..snowball fights….It doesn’t matter….Just, plain and simple: MOVE YOUR ASS!  (click to start moving)


Always moving,

The Primal Sergeant


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