Breaking B.A.D (Busy Adult Disease)

Is this you?

Are you in your late 20s or 30s?  If so, you probably have a full-time job, a family, and real-world, adult responsibilities. You work-out when you can.

Hell, sometimes you get so motivated that you spend several weeks committed to eating right and hitting the gym. We won’t even mention the money you spend on dieting supplements and trendy products.

But, what happens? One day you work overtime and another day you have a PTA meeting. Next thing you know….It’s been 2 years since you last hit the gym.

The problem? You know what it is. But, fitness magazines, commercial ads, and sexy, hard-bodied celebrities won’t mention it.

It’s this:  TIME.
“You have to make time!” I’m sure you’ve heard that Captain Obvious-type of advice before. Sometimes, I feel like strangling the person that’s giving me that rather inconsiderate advice.

Let’s get real, at times we have to devote what’s left of our precious time to our spouses, kids, night school, or other important matters.
When we realize that adult responsibilities are much more important than the pursuit of a chiseled six-pack, what do we do? Yup, you guessed it; we prioritize our adult responsibilities and somehow forget to include time for our personal fitness.
Lazy Dog
If this sounds familiar or if this sounds like you, you’re not alone my friend. You’re suffering from a condition that I suffered from during my 20s and early 30s.

It’s a condition with a name you haven’t heard before, but one you can totally relate to. I call it, BUSY ADULT DISEASE or B.A.D.

B.A.D is characterized by chronic indiscriminate eating, excessive stress, a total disregard for personal wellness due to personal and/or professional responsibilities, and most importantly, an ingrained belief that makes it almost impossible to engage in exercise and nutritiously-sound eating habits.

This is me
You see, I have always had a knack for personal fitness. I spent most of my teens teaching myself martial arts and with an insatiable thirst for muscle and fitness books and magazines. This is me at 18 years old.


What happened? You guessed it. B.A.D happened. I led a hectic, busy life, juggling work and family throughout my 20s and early 30s. And even though I thought I “knew it all” in terms of health & wellness, the stress and adult responsibilities in my life made it damn near impossible to care about my fitness.

Essentially, my knowledge of health & fitness didn’t mean jack-sh*# since I wasn’t applying any of it. It happens to the best of us. Fact is, we all have choices to make.

You can either take advice from someone who gets paid to spend hours at the gym and can’t relate to your lifestyle. Or, you can take some of my advice, knowing it was written based on real-world experience, evidence-based research, and sustainable strategies.

Why Real/Primal/Paleo Foods?
First of all, this isn’t a debate on what the best diet on the planet is. Think of it as valuable information you should consider when you’re at the grocery store deciding between leafy greens and fruits or frozen pizzas and lasagna-in-a-box.

Did you know the food we eat has a major impact on our mental and physical performance? Do you ever wonder why you crave junk or processed foods the more you eat them?

On a bio-chemical level, the food nutrients are broken down and metabolized in the body for one main reason: energy production.

If you’re accustomed to getting your energy from junk or processed foods, it’s no mystery why it sucks to wake-up. Heck, it sucks to even think about doing push-ups, yet so easy to grab that fifth slice of pizza.
Primal or real foods are the answer. Medical experts, dietitians, and fitness professionals are shining light on this evidence more and more each day.

Fad diets don’t work. It’s positive behaviors, like self-control, that keep us accountable for regulating our appetites, behaviors, and thoughts. Eating real foods makes self-control easier. Our minds and bodies are built for organic nutrients and function more efficiently when fueled by them.
You see, you don’t need to engage in painful, religious types of rituals every time you find yourself craving a donut. Instead, regard yourself as an intelligent being that’s strong enough to control unhealthy impulses.

Set a time and special occasion for junk foods. You don’t need that donut or fast-food value meal every day. If you really think you NEED any type of indulgency, what you need is a shrink my friend, not a personal trainer.

You control your own environment. Start doing calisthenics at home if you don’t have time for the gym, start eating real, whole foods to improve mental and physical performance. Most importantly, start breaking your B.A.D habits now.  Because even a chemistry teacher with the most sophisticated drug lab won’t be able to prevent your heart attack later.



Always Fighting to Break B.A.D Habits,

Juan, The Primal Sergeant 



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