Police Fitness Matters

Military and Public Safety personnel:  What do we have in common?

We all know how to be fit.

Regardless of rank, you have to admit that we’re all leaders of hectic lifestyles.

For many of us, the first thing we throw out the cruiser window when we get really busy is our gym schedule. 

And no matter what side you’re on in the whole “BLUE-BLACK-ALL LIVES-MATTER” debate, I think we can all agree on this:

We don’t always  prioritize our health & fitness when we put duty above all.

Primal Platoon develops strategies that busy military personnel, cops, and  firefighters can adapt into their hectic lifestyles.

Because when we’re leading a hectic lifestyle, we don’t  always have control over our schedule.

But, we can take control of our health and fitness by adapting our current fitness knowledge into our daily routine.


Our RIVERIAN strategies and Primal Platoon Wellness Workshops were developed to show you or your department how.

If fitness matters in your organization, give us a call today to see how we can work together:  (508) 596-3665.

Stay safe!


John Rivera, M.Ed. has over 20 years of experience in the nutrition & fitness field. He has helped service members, their families, and community members with their nutrition & fitness goals. He’s an Ambassador for the Institute for Responsible Foods, and his writings have appeared on several web sites to include responsiblefoods.org and paleodemystied.com. From consulting on muscle building, to public health advocacy on johnonjuan.org, John’s expertise and wealth of experience offers a unique perspective missing in today’s health & wellness industry.


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