5 Nutty Things About Healthnuts

5.  Inability to relate to others

You know exactly who this is about. I’m talking about the healthnut in the office who’s always eating the organic, kale and spinach salad from Whole Foods.

God forbid you ask them to join you for a delicious, team-building pizza for lunch.

4.  Attitude of moral superiority 

You prefer Chinese food or Papa John’s pizza every now and then.  But they prefer low calorie, whole, fair-trade food products all the time.

And because of this, they’re (supposedly) better than you.

You lack discipline.  You lack self-control.  According to health nuts, you lack many moral qualities just because you love food.

3.  Insane obsession with “healthy” foods

Did you know that an insane and incessant desire to only eat healthy food is a clinical condition health experts call orthorexia?

Many health nuts don’t even know this.  But please….try to refrain from name calling at the office tomorrow.  Health nuts have feelings too.

2.  Mood disorder probably from a lack of food diversity 

Who’s happier?  The guy who just finished eating a pastry?

Or the guy whose religious-like diet forbids him from indulging in moderation?

There’s really no scientific data needed to prove this point.  But we know how moody people get when their dietary choices lack taste and diversity.

1.  It’s all about them

Whether it’s their superior gym routine or their superior diet, their knowledge and fascination with fitness stops with them.

It’s almost like a Buddhist monk’s vow of silence.  When it comes to sharing their knowledge with others, they’d rather not waste their breath to show you how to improve your breathing for your next 5K.

Food for thought:  Since it’s all about them, they often lack the knowledge and resources to provide effective advice for losing weight.

To them, people are fat because they eat too much.  To them, people are overweight because they’re lazy and lack discipline.

Yes; calories, diet, and exercise are all factors in one’s ability to manage their weight.

There’s one fat problem though. This (typical health nut) view is overly simplistic.

Unfortunately, this one-dimensional view is the basis of the health nuts’ prejudice.  And it’s probably the reason why  the rest of us are treated like second-class citizens from a fast food nation.

Guess what, Health Nut:  Eating, dieting, and working-out are more than just calories and quantities.  These are all behaviors that, with skills, could be improved.

Now…a little something about us

You don’t improve or modify behavior with fitness plans and products.  You improve behavior through education & empowerment.

We’re not healthnuts!  We’re corporate wellness trainers and speakers that educate and empower.

Check out our service page to learn more about us.


About the Author 

John Rivera, M.Ed. has over 20 years of experience in the nutrition & fitness field. He has helped service members, their families, and community members with their nutrition & fitness goals. He’s an Ambassador for the Institute for Responsible Foods, and his writings have appeared on several web sites to include responsiblefoods.org and paleodemystied.com. From consulting on muscle building, to public health advocacy on johnonjuan.org, John’s expertise and wealth of experience offers a unique perspective missing in today’s health & wellness industry.


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