Bad Bosses, Stress Eating and Your Health

Your Health: Is It Really Yours?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself this question?

Did you know that your environment is the single most important factor that determines your health?

You’ve gotta stop blaming your genes and lack of discipline for your poor health & fitness habits.

Chances are, it’s your supervisor, food at home or your significant other that’s responsible for your stress.

And this is the stress that usually triggers poor food choices.

What really sucks is that this stress and poor eating also kills your motivation to wanna excercise-no matter how big of a cross fit goddess you used to be.

So, whose is it?  Who does your health belong to?

Is it really yours or does someone else control it?

Just knowing that there are many factors that affect your health goes a long way.

When you can pinpoint a target, you can attack it.

If you know that your stress at work is the reason your food choices suck, you can do something about it!

If not, stress will literally kill you.

Try this:  surround yourself with healthier food options.

Stop snacking on chips, chocolate, and poor choices.

If you expect impulse or stress eating, make sure your impulse choices consist of fruit, nuts, or veggies.

There are times at work when you’d rather take a hammer to the head rather than complete a crappy assignment.

Well, during these times, opt for whole food options that have similar tastes and textures that you seek in junk food.

If you can do this…if you can surround yourself with healthier food options, you can start tacking back control of your health.

Your Health:  It’s time to make it yours!

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About the Author 

John Rivera, M.Ed. has over 20 years of experience in the nutrition & fitness field. He has helped service members, their families, and community members with their nutrition & fitness goals. He’s an Ambassador for the Institute for Responsible Foods, and his writings have appeared on several web sites to include and From consulting on muscle building, to public health advocacy on, John’s expertise offers a unique perspective missing in today’s health & wellness industry.


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