The Microworkout:  A Primal Platoon Strategy 

Left: Natural Bodybuilder, Victor Rivera with Primal Platoon Founder, John Rivera.
The Problem
Face it! Most of us are all or nothing.

We either go to the gym to look like John Cena or we don’t go at all.

WWE Superstar, John Cena
WWE Superstar, John Cena
Either we sweat for an hour at the gym, and tell everyone on social media about it.  Or we don’t even think twice of breaking a sweat.

We just go home (or McDonald’s) instead.

For most of us with real lives and real jobs though, the one day or one month we missed at the gym, somehow, turned into a year or two of no exercise.

Try this
It’s time for us to redefine fitness.  It’s time to redefine what a workout is.

The muscle & fitness mags at the check out counter have no idea what kind of life you live.

So why try to fit your lifestyle around those routines?

If 10 minutes is the only time you have to workout in the morning or evening,  a workout FOR YOU should no longer be defined as “engaging in physical activity for at least 60 minutes….”.

If your living room is the only open space you have to do calisthenics, then consider that your new definition of ‘the gym’.

The Microworkout
Got 10 or 15 minutes?  There are hundreds of home workouts you can view on YouTube.

Fitness Blender has an entire library of videos for men & women that range from muscle building to fat trimming.

Want even shorter workouts?  I got you!  Check out Vnecks & Vodka on YouTube.   It’s yours truly demonstrating a few workouts that take a minute or less.

I created Vnecks & Vodka as an answer to some of us stubborn folks who already know how to be fit, but just don’t have the mindset (or motivation) to get started.

If you can’t even spare a minute for a quick workout, then you really have some issues I can’t help with.

So just when you thought you had to choose between an hour workout or nothing, the microworkout is the new way of exercising.

It’s the new way of thinking about your fitness.  It’s fitness, redefined.

If you live a hectic lifestyle with barely any time for the gym, make the Microworkout your fitness strategy today!


About the Author 

John Rivera, M.Ed. has over 20 years of experience in the nutrition & fitness field. He has helped service members, their families, and community members with their nutrition & fitness goals. He’s an Ambassador for the Institute for Responsible Foods, and his writings have appeared on several web sites to include and From consulting on muscle building, to public health advocacy on, John’s expertise offers a unique perspective missing in today’s health & wellness industry.


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