Primal Platoon Approved: Comeketo’s Mealprep Service

Primal Platoon Founder John Rivera with Comeketo Owner Rodrigo Souza

Primal Platoon has always stood for the pursuit of optimal health & fitness.

From wellness workshops and seminars, to keynote speaking-our philosophy has always been about finding strategies to attain optimal fitness…Even when it’s a struggle to find time for the gym & healthy eating.

And whether you’re a body builder or just a busy professional who values good nutrition, you know healthy eating isn’t the challenge…. It’s finding the time to prepare all the healthy meals.

When it comes to strategies for achieving health & fitness, Primal Platoon’s got your back.

When it comes to affordable, healthy meals prepared with quality and attention to detail, Rodrigo Souza’s got your back, and your belly.


He’s cooked up some strategies & recipes to help you achieve your health & fitness goals, without breaking your bank.

Rodrigo is the owner of COMEKETO.  It’s a Brazilian cuisine located in Leominster, Ma.  It’s about 15 minutes north of Worcester.

Since Primal Platoon is a strategic partner in wellness education, we are proud and honored to put our seal of support on Comeketo’s meal preparation service.

Our seal symbolizes health, nutrition, and the busy professionals’ pursuit of fitness.

Rodrigo’s prepared meal service delivers sensuous flavor, sound nutrition, and affordability.

When you add it all up, it equals CONVENIENCE for the BUSY PROFESSIONAL.

Visit his site now to learn more!


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