Primal Platoon: Your Team’s Wellness is Our Team’s Business

img_4047 launched in 2014 as a nutrition education website for busy adults.

The site quickly evolved into a nutrition & fitness resource for both military and civilian folks.

Now, as the Primal Platoon™ Founder transitions from military service to service in the public sector, so too will the Primal Platoon™ site.

Today, we remain loyal to our original mission from 2014:  To make wellness mainstream. Because fitness enthusiasts shouldn’t have exclusive rights to the product of wellness.

We believe everyone should have access to wellness regardless of their time or their challenges in balancing career & family.

The Primal Platoon™ Team provides wellness education & training services to corporate, public safety and military audiences.

How? We fuse nutrition, wellness, and adult learning strategies to provide transformative learning experiences.

And if you’re kind of a big deal in your organization, you’ve probably noticed that staff wellness is also a big deal (but of little priority at the worksite). Well,  it’s no secret – the ROI on a healthy workforce is substantial and worth taking seriously.

Our VP’s main focus is organizational leadership and wellness. His background in business and unique experiences will add more  value to the wellness programs we develop; all designed to increase staff productivity.

Contact us today.  We’re strategic partners in wellness education, and we would love to make your wellness our business.




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