Taking care of the future You starts today, not when you’re 60

By John Rivera

Waiting ’til you’re 60 to take care of your health isn’t a sign of laziness or a character flaw….

It’s just failure to learn the Self and failure to adapt to an environment that promotes worry, stress, and exhaustion.

But wait!

Don’t fall for it!

Don’t let your coworkers fall for it either.

Don’t subscribe to or get sucked into fitness products and trendy diets designed to target impulsive buyers.

We aren’t fitness fanatics. And we aren’t a bunch of marketing experts masquerading as enthusiastic fitness trainers.

We’re Primal Platoon.

And we’re disrupting the dieting & fitness industry by incorporating adult learning concepts to foster long-term mind & body transformation.

So don’t go on a diet in 2017! Save your money!

Instead do these 3 things:
1.  Go LEARN Yourself

2.  ADAPT fitness strategies to fit your lifestyle and;

3.  OVERCOME barriers preventing you from the best shape of your life.

In Massachusetts? So are we!

Learn more about our corporate wellness workshops and staff training by clicking here——> About our events

(Photo credit: Tom Hussey)


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