Nutrition Training Day: The Teacher Becomes The Student


It’s crazy that this is happening.  You were my mentor for several years, and now, I’m giving you advice.

Dear ****,

I know we’ve agreed to meet several times already. 

But, you’re busy taking over the world (one property at a time), and I’m a little busy trying to transition into my post-military career.

I’m only a part-time entrepreneur but I know full well that busy professionals like you are usually focused on their next deal. 

Like CEOs, entrepreneurs, and bosses, I bet you wish you had the time to finish more books or blogs you’re actually interested in. 

And I know for damn sure your spare time is devoted to your family. I mean, who the f*ck has the time to spend hours at the gym anyway?

That said, I’ve put a ginormous amount of effort into making this a quick read. 

I included actionable strategies you can apply immediately to start seeing results in your wellness, and yes, your waistline. 

I know, I know….Your time is precious, so let’s get right to it!

The alternate name for this letter is Don’t Let Your Health Steal Your Wealth! (I thought you’d get a kick out of that.)

Here, I give you my TOP 3 STRATEGIES you need to implement right away to start feeling & looking better.

1.  Effective immediately, replace all your favorite beverages with water.  Actually, replace all beverages with water. 

Warning:  Sugar is an addictive toxin.  

That said, any sugar-sweetened beverage (Mountain Dew, Coke, juice, etc) will be a mothaf*cker to quit.   

But awareness is key. So now that you know that quitting soda will be just as hard as trying to quit cocaine, prepare yourself.

Prepare yourself with weapons….Like, fruits or nuts.  

As long as you leave your house everyday with your favorite real, whole food snacks (like fruits or nuts) you’ll be able to combat your sugar cravings with these convenient and portable, shit-food replacements.

You see, sugar cravings are usually cravings for fructose, a type of sugar.  And guess what type of sugar is in fruit?  Yes, you guessed it: fructose. 

Bacon is not the problem.  Sugar, when not “worked off” is actually what causes unwanted weight gain.

So cut the added sugars immediately!

2.  Effective immediately, wrap your head around the fact that you’re gonna start Intermittent fasting. 

Yes, breakfast is great.  Especially when your hunger pangs every morning are satisfied with pastries and sweet coffee (or in your case, soda).

But what if I told you, those hunger pangs aren’t really caused by “real” hunger…..That pain is actually your body jonesing for sugar.

 But, forget about the science for now.  

Last thing I wanna do is lose your attention with boring, nerdy stuff.

Long story short, take the next several days to wrap your head around the fact that you’ll be fasting about two times a week for the next several weeks.

You’ll be intermittent fasting until your metabolism starts functioning the way intended by G_d, Mother Nature, Allah or whatever god you worship. 

For more on intermittent fasting, check out the Diet Doctor’s site on this topic. It’s great stuff.

3.  Last, but not least, this will require a team effort from you and your wife. 

Examine the top 5 to 10 meals you cook for dinner on any given month.  This is your dinner repertoire.

Now…..replace those meals with a comparable meal that consists of 100% real, whole food. 

Don’t know where to start?    

I don’t wanna advocate for any one specific diet, but the Paleo Diet is one of several dieting “templates” that captures a real, whole foods approach. 

Eating real, whole food (most of the time) means no deciphering labels on food products, no points system, no counting calories, no bullshit……just 100% whole, natural food the way nature intended for humans.

Pizza, breads, and pasta are great, but save that for special occasions OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE.

This is the way you need to eat if you wanna see the weight fall right off, and for your hunger and fullness  (hormonal) signals to function the way nature intended.

When the smoke clears and you start eating an exclusive real food diet, your body, hormones,  and mind will start working the way nature intended.

What you weigh now is NOT what nature intended.  Your current weight is a product of your processed food environment, stress, and a hectic lifestyle.

I’ll say this again:  Don’t let your health steal your wealth!

TAKE CONTROL of your food environment by controlling the food you bring into your home.  

And reinforce this environment by controlling the food that’s around you during your long and sometimes stressful days on the job.

If you made it this far, congratulations! 

This is the advice I would’ve given you at our initial one hour session.  

And although this isn’t even a fraction of the other things I want to tell you, it’s the foundation for any advice I will ever give you.

I hope this helps, but more importantly, I hope you stop underestimating your health, stop being a stubborn asshole and start implementing these strategies TODAY.

Your friend, former “student”, and Partner-in-Crime,

John Rivera



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