Worksite Wellness Workshops

What good are employee discounts on health club memberships if they’re not used?

“They’re just lazy sons of ….”

No, not really.  That’s not what I was thinking.

Because not going to the gym on a consistent basis isn’t a sign of lazy & undisciplined staff members.

Chances are, they’re not lazy nor lack discipline.

I bet they’re just trying to juggle a hectic lifestyle…and having a 6-pack is not a top priority when they’re busy managing deadlines, deals and daughter rides to soccer practice.

Is there a way to make healthier choices without being fanatic about fitness?

Is there a way to eat right-most of the time-without joint a dieting cult?

Yes, and Yes!  This is our specialty.

Whether it’s a lunch & learn, keynote, seminar or workshop, our health & nutrition programs are custom-tailored to your staffs’ interests, needs, and busy lifestyles.

So, forget about fitness motivational speeches, and fitness buffs who can’t relate to your employees’ lifestyles.

Call me today so we can discuss “the stuff” your employees need to learn to live healthier and happier lives.

They need health strategies & empowerment to make gradual changes.

I’m John Rivera and this is my specialty.


Want to know how I can benefit your employee well-being and productivity?

Call me directly at (508) 596-3665

Or I can tell you all about it over a quick coffee.


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