Your Nutrition Hurdles: Can You See ’em?

If you can’t see hurdles, you’ll run right into ’em without ever knowing they were there.

Said another way, watch where you’re going or you’ll bust your ass!

And blaming yourself or guilt-tripping aren’t effective methods for changing bad habits.

If your social and physical environments remain the same, long term change is almost impossible.

Focus on your hurdles.  Your barriers.  Where are they?

When it comes to food, are you tired of constant over-eating or late night snacking?

The hurdle there isn’t really your lack of self-control or discipline.

It’s probably the fact that you’re bringing junkfood into your home in the first place.

At Primal Platoon™, we’re not about boring you with information about the latest nutrition science.

And we know better than to recommend a single dieting product to solve all your life’s problems.

We’re about giving you real-life health, nutrition, and behavioral strategies to achieve your optimal levels of health & fitness.

To learn more about our group workshops & seminars, contact us today at (508) 596-3665.

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