Primal Platoon and OSDPC Aligned for Haiti

Photo credit: Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images

The Caribbean country of Haiti is regularly battered by tropical storms and floods and has also been struck by powerful earthquakes.  Poor infrastructure, deforestation and failure to prepare for earthquakes and storms put the island at very high risk.

The lack of basic infrastructures such as sanitation, healthcare and emergency shelters further complicates the equation. When these incidents happen, they affect farming, fishing and small scale commercial activities that, when severely hit, deprive people of their livelihoods and income.

Primal Platoon provides strategic and sustainable training solutions that empower service members to take control of their lives. Our work doesn’t stop there! We develop and deliver corporate wellness workshops, health-nutrition seminars, and customized wellness programs based on your organization’s needs and culture.

Our platform in fostering wellness in the workplace is through education & empowerment. When we learned about the mission and initiatives of Organization of Support to the Development of the Plateau Central, Inc.(OSDPC), it was evident that both of our organizations strive to empower and enhance various capacities through education.

In Haiti, the road to recovery is a long one.  However, we’re rest assured to know that the OSDPC leadership will continue to address and prioritize the very conditions that make the people of the region vulnerable to climate and disaster risks.

One of our most important priorities is social responsibility. Our recent donation was our example of doing our part both locally and globally.  Yet, more support is needed for OSDPC to scale up its existing projects and to continue helping Haitians rebuild Haiti.

For more information about Primal Platoon, please call us at (508) 596-3665 or email John at

For information about OSDPC, you can visit them at


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