A Quick Mealplan Idea for the Minimalist (Warning: It’s Not for Everyone)

Laziness isn’t really the issue for many of us. Sticking to a plan, long term, is usually the root problem plaguing our sedentary lifestyle.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve experienced that the number 1 sabotage of any “good” fitness or meal plan is not the lack of the right product or gym…..it’s the lack of consistency.

But worry not my fellow-1-minute-managers-with-barely-any-time-to-read-long-ass-blogs!

This post isn’t exhaustive wisdom on how to be more consistent in all areas of your life. It’s more of a quick and simple idea to address the consistency barrier in meal planning.

As you know, when meal planning becomes an unsustainable pain in the ass, we just ditch the plan faster than we ditched Verizon when we found out Comcast was cheaper.

To avoid this, here’s a 1 week meal plan you can implement during the work week to lose 3 – 5 pounds during the week.

What you’ll need and why:

  • Sandwich bag (to bag it all up)
  • Granny Smith apple or favorite fruit (source of dietary fiber, vitamins & minerals)
  • Almonds or preferred raw unsalted nuts (healthy fats source, omega 3s, etc.)
  • 2 hardboiled eggs (protein and healthy fats source)

When and How:  Easy, graze throughout the day.  And don’t forget to eat a “sensible” meal for dinner.

Feel free to make real, whole food substitutions. This sample meal plan is intended to fit inside a sandwich bag, and never to be forgotten at home. If you’re one of those forgetful types, try staging the bag next to your car keys.  Yes, I’m not proud to say that in the past I’ve attached car keys to my bagged, refrigerated meals to avoid forgetting it in the morning.

Lastly, as the blog title states, this little meal plan idea isn’t for everybody.

The secret to any successful weight reduction plan isn’t the expensive supplements or celebrity wisdom. And no matter the name or author of said diet, the common denominator is just calorie restriction- that’s what this meal plan does.

It’s ideal for someone who works in a mobile, office or fast paced environment. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for people whose work is physically laborsome.   As you would expect, physically demanding work (construction, trade jobs, etc) obviously demand a plentiful load of calories to fuel your body throughout the work day.

Although this low-calorie mealplan wouldn’t be ideal for the everyday roofer, it would surely be practical and ideal for an office 9 to 5-er.

About the Author

John Rivera, M.Ed. has over 20 years of experience in the nutrition & fitness field. He has helped service members, their families, and community members with their nutrition & fitness goals. He’s a corporate wellness trainer and Founder of the Primal Platoon Wellness System. His writings have appeared on several web sites to include responsiblefoods.org and paleodemystied.com. From consulting on muscle building, to public health advocacy on johnonjuan.org, John’s expertise offers a unique perspective missing in today’s health & wellness industry. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HIS WELLNESS & WEIGHT LOSS WORKSHOPS, click here.


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