obesity epidemic englandSociety, especially our American culture, has programmed us.

We’ve been programmed to be busy, tired, and chronically preoccupied with issues that don’t pertain to our wellness.

But the concepts of nutrition & fitness seem simple, right? We’re bombarded with products, magazines, and tv shows telling us how to do it. But why isn’t everyone doing it?

Primal Platoon’s philosophy involves more than just “knowing” how to be fit.   After all, knowledge is a poor predictor of action.

The single most important factor that determines mission success is not just knowledge. It’s the strategic application of that knowledge.

Millions of Americans know how to exercise and how to eat sensibly. Yet, more than one-third of us are obese.

Surprisingly, the military has its fair share of obese servicemembers too.

It’s clearly evident that when we’re not strategic with our choices and when we don’t plan to succeed, we automatically plan to fail.

This doesn’t only apply on the battlefield, it also applies to our wellness.

We need to wake up from the comatose state we’ve been living in and start taking permanent control of our wellness.

Because even though nutrition & fitness go hand-in-hand, we can’t rely on just “knowing”.

Knowledge is not a predictor of action.

If we continue relying on just “knowing”, we’ll continue losing our battle with wellness without ever engaging our deadliest weapon of all: Intelligence.

Before tranforming your body, Primal Platoon will show you how to transform your mind.


-Juan Rivera, 2014

Primal Platoon Founder


©2014 Primal Platoon™.  All rights reserved.



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