S.A.D Secret

Here’s a secret that probably no one’s ever told you. It may shock you.  Are you ready for it? Here it is:

Without even knowing it, you were initiated into a diet during your childhood.  You probably don’t remember when. But, this diet is among the worst diets in the modern world.

It’s literally worse than a weapon of mass destruction in that it kills millions of people every year. Ready for the name of this diet? Actually, before the name is revealed, here’s a visual:


Remember your childhood breakfast? The one that we were told was a “balanced breakfast”. Here’s a clue: sugary cereal, toast, butter, and bacon, all washed down with sugary juice.

american breakfast

You probably don’t see anything wrong with this picture but American children are more overweight now than ever before. What’s worse, the obesity rate continues rising. Type 2 diabetes, which years ago was common in adults and rare in children, is now rampid among the youth.
Who (or what) would health & nutrition experts blame for these health-related problems? You guessed it, the Standard American Diet. SAD, isn’t it?

So, what should you do?  Well, for starters, if you give a damn about your health and the wellness of your family, educate yourself on sound nutrition fundamentals.  There are literally thousands of health & wellness web sites out there.  Most are probably trying to steal your money with “magical” weightloss pills and gadgets.

Start with a resource that’s credible, evidence-based, and has no conflict-of-interest. Start with one that’s not riddled with the traditional nutrition advice that’s gotten Americans into one of the worst health crises in modern day history. Start with Primal Platoon™.


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