Mission 2

Mission 2

1. Day-by-Day Meal Prep (Days 16-30)

Remember, the single most important task is food preparation. If you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail.

Here are some other food choices that don’t take long to prepare on the previous night. 15-30 Minutes should be enough time to prepare the next day’s meals.

Let’s remember the simple rules of logic too; we either spend a few minutes to prepare food that will make us feel and look better.  Or, we choose the lazy and illogical option of not preparing our meals and throwing away our money on fast food the next day.

Sample foods to prep tonight, to pack for tomorrow:

•2 sweet potatoes (preferably baked in oven)

•2-3 Cans of tuna (or chicken)

•Baby spinach, Baby Kale, or Lettuce (for salads)

•1/4 cup of walnuts or raw almonds or your favorite nuts

•2-4 eggs (hard boiled)

•Salad dressing (ensure there’s no sugar or high fructose corn-syrup in the ingredients)

•Fruits of your choice (banana, orange, apple, etc.)

2. “Wake-up PT”

Remember! Don’t you dare start getting ready in the morning until you’ve spent the first 5 minutes of your day doing PT! (All exercises are performed until failure)

•1x reverse dips

•1x knee ups

•1x push-ups

•1x sprinted jumping-jacks (very fast jumping-jacks, until total exhaustion)

That’s it! You’re done, but only with the understanding that you’re challenging yourself to do progressively more repetitions, each and every day.

3. So now what?

You have all this food prepped in a nifty lunch bag and you don’t know what to eat first. Well, here’s an example of how to divide your nutrients to sustain your day:

Meal 1-Breakfast:

•tall glass of water (start here)

•2-3 hard boiled eggs (1-2 yolks)

•your favorite fruit

Note: Your muscles will thank you for this ratio of protein, carbs & healthy fats, right after your PT. Combining carbs and fats is usually discouraged. But in the morning, when energy demands are higher, your body’s energy stores will be sufficiently replenished.

Meal 2-Mid-morning snack:

•tall glass of water

•walnuts; just a small handful (anywhere from ¼ cup to 1/3 cup); or

•1-2 tbsp of all-natural peanut butter (no sugar added)

Meal 3-Lunch:

•tall glass of water


•sweet potato

Meal 4-Afternoon Snack:

•salad, w/crushed nuts

•Salad dressing

Meal 5-Dinner:

•Sweet potato

•Tuna or Chicken


4. Quick breakdown:

Mission 2 foods are a little different than Mission 1. You probably noticed that we’re consuming more carbs for energy in Mission 2, as opposed to the healthy fats we used as an energy source in Mission 1. If you’re an athlete or your job demands are physical in nature, these are the types of foods you’ll want to use to sustain your day. The sweet potatoes pack complex carbs that supply your body with a sustained, longer-lasting energy source.

The awesome thing is that, in addition to the energy you’ll get from sweet potatoes, you’ll also be getting a  huge load of vitamin A and potassium.  Additionally, sweet potatoes and salads will be packed with other vitamins & minerals you wouldn’t get from soda or other processed foods.


Disclaimer: Primal Platoon prides itself in making nutritiously strategic meal choices. However, the Platoon never underestimates the importance of non-primal foods we may need during athletic events, the battlefield, or anywhere else peak physical performance is crucial for success.

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