Basic Nutrition Training

Follow these orders and lose 10, 20, 30 pounds…..The healthy way. Here’s how:

There’s more to eating than just counting calories.  Primal Platoon™ doesn’t have time to count calories, so get that idea-that never seems to work anyway-out of your head.

It’s more than just eating certain types of foods.  Technically, it’s a lifestyle.  Just like that Standard American Diet (SAD) lifestyle you’ve been living your entire life that’s been making you overeat crappy food, over and over again.  It’s a continuous, and almost uncontrollable, cycle.

These orders are intended to break you out of that cycle and assist you in making smart food choices easier and, eventually, instinctive for you.  If it can be simply put in three simple words, all we’d  say is: EAT-REAL-FOODS.  But, since you’re probably curious and want to know what these orders are about, here they are:

1st Nutrition Order: Sometimes it’s okay to eat ’til you’re full (but only when eating real foods)

Explanation: The conventional wisdom of eating small portions or eating certain foods in moderation is great advice, but only if you’re eating junk foods or processed foods. In Primal Platoon™, junk and processed foods are eliminated.

Why?  Because your body’s satiety (fullness) signal works like crap when you eat processed, low quality but unusually great tasting, porn-in-your-mouth foods.  Basically, the little guy in your brain telling you, You’re full, gets high from the processed food and falls asleep on the job.  What does this mean to you?  You guessed it:  You overeat.

Wait! There’s more!……Beware of eating until your full. If you’re eating the “wrong” kind of carbs, you may have the tendency to overeat, since carbs are known to increase apetite. Gaining weight from eating too much chicken and white rice is a bad thing, unless you’re trying to get buff.  But if your goal is weight reduction or weight management, then, Yes; We want to stay away from many types of carbs.

While we generally try to stay away from using the labels,  “good carbs” and “bad carbs”, we’ll use it here for the sake of simplicity:

1) Stay away from refined, processed carbs [that is, if your goal is weight management/reduction]
2) If your meal has a portion of protein and healthy fats, ditch the carbs
3) Eat carbs from real foods (real, fresh fruits & vegetables, not processed foods)

2nd Nutrition Order: Don’t mix your carbs and fats, unless you want to get fat

Explanation: We all need a daily balance of macronutrients (Proteins, carbs, fat, & water). You probably already know that protein is the ideal nutrient to build, repair, and maintain muscle. Carbs are for energy. So don’t cut carbs from your diet unless you want to feel weak and fatigued all the time. If you want to reduce them, that’s fine. If you’re a soldier or an athlete however, think again! Cutting carbs will most likely impair your performance.

Like carbs, fats are also an ideal energy source for your body and your brain, but only the healthy fats. The fats derived from plants (fruits & veggies) and the fats from grass-fed, pasture raised animals are considered healthy fats. The bad fats you should be annihilating from your DIET are from:

  • Fried foods (i.e., trans fats…but consider any type of fat from fried foods as harmful)
  • Processed foods
  • Fat from grain fed animals (most meats you’ll find in grocery stores are of grain-fattened animals; CHOOSE grass fed)
  • trans-fat is the mother of all bad fats
  • contrary to what was THOUGHT for several decades, saturated fats are not always unhealthy

So, back to the order. You shouldn’t mix your carbs with fats. When eaten at the same time, the body primarily uses one of these NUTRIENTS for energy. The other, whether it’s fat or carbs, will be stored as fat.

*Here are a few exceptions to the 2nd Nutrition order:
Example 1: Carbs & healthy fats in the morning. Example: Banana & Peanut Butter
Justification: We all wake up in a fasted stated. Meaning, our bodies just spent the last 6-8 hours deprived of nutrients. Carbs and healthy fats can be a great way to replenish your energy stores (glycogen) and provide you with a good energy boost to kickstart your day.

Example 2: Carbs & healthy FATS right before a physical/sporting event. Example: Fruits & nuts (e.g., trailmix) before hiking or swimming

Justification: Our body prefers carbs to fuel our physical activities. When carb levels are depleted, we feel tired, weak, and fatigued. This energy depletion state can be deferred a little longer if we ingest the right amount of fats & carbs before the physical event.

3rd Nutrition Order: Find a partner, aka “Battle-Buddy”

Explanation: Why go it alone? You’ve seen people in your family or at work start and stop diets like they’re lab rats for JENNY CRAIG. They’re either miserable, hungry, deprived, or all of the above. The worst part about it is, they’re normally alone throughout their “dieting battle”.

In the military, peer pressure is a very effective tool used to motivate people to perform better. Find some type of social-support system, aka Battle buddy, and go into this new healthier journey together. Eating this way may be tough for the first few days, but with each other’s support, it’ll be fun, interesting, and rewarding.

One last thing.  This is probably the way you’re eventually going to want your kids and your family to eat. So set the example now.  They’ll thank you for it later.

4th Nutrition Order: Eat plenty of vegetables and plant-based foods

Explanation: Okay, so the popular Primal/Paleo diet is sometimes portrayed as the “caveman” diet. Well, unless you want to have the primitive brain of a caveman, take that notion out of your head. There’s more to primal eating than just eating meat all day long. I assure you, hunted animals weren’t just sitting around all day playing X-box, making it easy for cavemen to kill them.

Many things have evolved, including the way we get our foods. Nowadays, it doesn’t take much effort to buy meat and other animal foods to put on the dinner table. Despite the ease and availability of animal foods, the single most important foods in any healthy diet are plant based foods. Although meat is delicious, filling, and considered “macho” by some, you can’t neglect the importance of fruits and veggies. Doing so may increase your risk for diseases we’re just not going to get into here.

Every plate of food you eat should have a large portion of vegetables on it. Fruits are convenient foods you should eat throughout the day for energy-especially in the morning or before an endurance event. Vitamins & minerals derived from fruits & veggies are essential for peak performance; fruits and vegetables are your best source-not processed foods or $4-dollar, cool looking drinks.

Want to be or stay healthy? Eat plenty of fruits & vegetables!

5th Nutrition Order: Pills are for sick people

Explanation: Want vitamin C? Eat an orange. Want vitamin A? Eat carrots or kale. The point is, whatever it is you think you need, you should be getting it from whole foods. Sure, multivitamins may offer 500% Vitamin C or 1000% of other Vitamins. What these labels don’t tell you is that your body has a pretty rough time absorbing these synthetic (manufactured) nutrients.

By the way, most people taking vitamins at higher dosages than their body can handle just end up peeing their money away or in severe cases, getting really sick.

Okay, there are a few exceptions. If you’re clinically deficient in any vitamin or mineral, taking a supplement is totally justified. If you’re taking fish oils because you hate seafood or don’t get enough of it, that’s fine too.  The point is, fruits and veggies not only contain all the vitamins & minerals you need, but are naturally designed to nourish your body.

Have no idea where to start, start here.




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