Basic Primal Training


The Primal Platoon mission is simple: Warrior-Inspired Wellness™ For All

So, here they are Ladies & Gents! Your Orders. Follow these 5 Basic Orders to successfully support the Primal Platoon™ mission…and your health:

1st Order: Kill Sugar

Say goodbye to drinking 4 cans of soda every day. And, if you’re not an athlete, stop drinking those huge bottles of sports drinks-they’re mostly sugar. Surprisingly, sports drinks and sugary juices can lead to weight gain way faster than bacon can.

Sugar is probably a good reason why people feel sluggish most of the time too (unless they’re athletes and burn the energy). The benefits of avoiding sugar are countless. Here are a few reasons why you should annahilate this enemy from your diet:

  • Hunger urges occur less often when there’s no hunger roller coaster ride (normally caused by sugar)
  • The fast and sudden increases in blood sugar lead to overeating
  • Eating sugar makes you crave more sugar, which leads to overspending on food you eventually regret buying & eating
  • Cutting your sugar will cut your calories….which = less weight gain

Don’t take our word for it. According to the Harvard School of Public Health “…such foods cause fast and furious increases in blood sugar…and can lead to overeating”.

Still not convinced?  Check out this shocking video!


2nd Order: Kill processed foods


What are processed foods? Glad you asked. Simple answer is: If it’s not whole, it’s processed. The outer aisles in grocery stores normally stock the whole, fresh foods, like fruits, vegetables, and fresh meats. Stick with these foods.  Anything that comes in a box, can or has more than two or three ingredients is probably processed.  We’ll explain more later.  You probably get the point for now.

3rd Order: Eat plenty of plants and real foods

No, no, put your grandma’s plants down!  We’re talking about whole fruits and vegetables.  Avoid anything from a can, unless it’s fish (e.g., tuna) and make sure it’s fresh, whole, and preferbably organic. The common theme in any healthy diet is including plenty of fruits and vegetables and excluding sugary foods. Real strength & power comes from eating fresh, wholesome foods. The Nutrition Orders section explains this more. For right now, STOP blowing $5 on energy drinks that are loaded with sugar and get real energy from natural whole foods.

4th Order: Physical Training is mandatory


No matter the reason, physical training (PT) is mandatory in this Platoon. Although eating a healthy balanced diet will do wonders for your wellness and physique, exercise has the tendency to expedite your result. It’s not a science ladies & gents, it’s simple! If you want to stay lean & mean, do PT. If you don’t, you’ll get fat and lazy. If you get fat & lazy, you’re body will hate you (so will your scale). Go to the Platoon Missions page to look at PT Orders for the next 15, 30, and 60 days.

5th Order: PT Frequently

It doesn’t matter how much time you have on your hands. If you’re too busy during the day, PT as soon as you wake up. If you have less than 20 minutes to PT, go to the Busy PLT page. No matter what, you have to stay active, whether it’s running 3 times a week or doing push-ups and situps every morning. Stay active, stay moving.
Next, read your Nutrition Orders.


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