Drill Sergeant “H”


Who’s more demanding than a Drill Sergeant at Boot Camp? Who dictates what you can and can’t do during the day? If you’re thinking about your parents or significant other, you should resolve those issues on your personal time.

The culprit here are your hormones. Your hormones are messengers within your body that tell your body what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Hormones tell your body when to eat, when to be full, when to be tired, when to lose weight, and a whole host of complicated functions too boring to explain here.

Did you know there’s an x-factor that influences whether your hormones help you get lean or if they’ll sabotage your energy and motivation levels? Believe it or not, it’s the foods you eat. The nutrients you ingest have a major impact on how your “internal drill sergeants” (hormones) give orders. If you’re used to eating junk or processed foods, the drill sergeants controlling your body’s functions have been setting you up for failure.

The smartest move you can make to ensure that your internal drill sergeants set you up for success is to eat better. You don’t need a PhD in Nutrition to learn how to do this. Your single most important step though is to stop eating low-quality foods (i.e., processed & fast foods) and start eating real, wholesome foods.
Don’t stress! Primal Platoon™ will show you how.  So let’s start Basic Primal Training (BPT)!


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