Let’s Roll

Kandahar PRT engineers assess Department of Public Works facilities


Consider today Day 1. Whether you make it to Day 2 is totally up to you. The first thing you need to do is learn exactly how to eat the Primal way. Sure….There are plenty of Primal and Paleo dieting books out there that get down to the scientific nitty-gritty. You won’t find that here.

When it comes down to nutrition, Primal Platoon™ doesn’t have time to get bogged down in scientific research or debate. We’re just concerned with proven strategies that work.  More importantly, we need to stay active and understand how the foods we eat directly effect our performance.  To accomplish this, we’ll need the right “intel”.  That’s what Basic Primal Training (BPT) is for.

But before you start learning about primal foods and missions, you’ll have to start learning about yourself and about what makes you tick, internally that is.  And who better to show you the ropes than Drill Sergeant “H” (click here).


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