Research & Development

Our mission is to enhance current military wellness programs by incorporating adult learning concepts and effective health communication.

Based on our military experiences, observations, and academic training, we assess that this is the most effective strategy to foster long-term, positive change as it pertains to mental and physical wellness.

Our research & development in health communication, nutrition & exercise science, and adult learning theory will remain the heart of our mission. 

While most military wellness initiatives focus on increasing the volume of fitness education resources, we believe that service members require a broader, multi-layered approach to improving their overall physical wellness and readiness.


Our position on improving military physical readiness is that it cannot be markedly improved by increasing the frequency of physical training nor by making available more fitness resources.


Our belief is that there is a clear and present need to cross-train current military fitness leaders in adult learning concepts, and basic health and nutrition communication.


Whether you are a military commander, researcher, education or nutrition expert, we invite you to stay connected with our movement to improve the health, nutrition, and wellness of our United States service members.


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