Adults hate wasting their time.

Adults hate wasting their time listening to material that doesn’t apply to them.

It’s with this underlying principle that we craft all our education & training experiences.

Our sessions are designed to meet the needs and lifestyles of our audiences.

Our services include:

Corporate/Group Wellness Workshops

From one session to multi-sessions, our workshops and wellness learning experiences are custom tailored to your company’s wellness needs. 

More importantly, our learning experiences are adapted to fit the culture of your company.


Lunch & Learns

From keynote speaking to short, down-to-earth lectures, our lunch & learn experiences cover a range of topics. 

Here are some of our featured lectures designed to nourish the mind and muscle:

  • Contemporary Dieting
  • The Problem With Diets
  • Eating Right on A Budget
  • Wellness Decoded (a series)
  • Military-focused sessions based on mission / unit needs

Strategic Weight Management

During the week, adults spend most of their waking hours at their job locations. 

To be effective, weight management programs should incorporate methods for addressing health and eating behaviors not only at home, but at job locations.

Our weight management strategies are based upon the best practices of leading commercial weight management programs. The difference? (We’re glad you asked) The main purpose of commercial weight management programs are to make individuals dependent on their products.

Our health & nutrition training programs are designed to make participants independent by equipping them with lifelong skills.

Let’s work together to improve your organization’s wellness.  Give us a call today!

John Rivera speaking at a wellness event-2016.

What are your company’s wellness needs? Call John today for a free consultation.

Call or Text: (508) 596-3665




Primal Platoon, Inc. is A RivWell Company based in Marlborough, MA.




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