Wellness Education & Training


To be effective, modern day workplace wellness issues shouldn’t be approached with strategies of the 1990s.


Fitness program implementation or discounted gym memberships barely scratch the surface on employer ROI on wellness programs.


Our approach to fostering wellness in the workplace is through education & empowerment.


Our programs are evidence-based, client-focused and tailored to meet the specific needs & interests of our clients.


Our strategic approach focuses on the following areas:

  • Nutrition Education (including Integrative, Ancestral, and other contemporary dieting concepts)

  • Adult Learning Theory

  • Behavior & lifestyle modification techniques

  • Research & program development factoring the client’s worksite culture and domestic environment

  • Disease prevention strategies & lifeskills


Before spending $$thousands of dollars on a wellness program, consider investing a fraction of the cost on wellness training designed to educate and empower. 


Because paying for a bunch of gym memberships doesn’t guarantee an employee’s commitment to stay fit.