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What we do

If you’re thinking Primal Platoon Wellness concepts are for soldiers only, think again.

Primal Platoon™ was originally conceived as graduate school project at Framingham State University in Massachusetts.

It started as a soldier-inspired, research-based, nutrition workshop geared towards busy professionals.


Today, we’re providing transformative wellness workshops & training to military & corporate groups in the New England area.

We fuse wellness education, the latest nutrition science, and adult learning strategies to deliver the most effective and engaging learning experience.


Why We Do It

Most of us devote our adult lives answering to our bosses, deadlines, and responsibilities at home.  But who the heck care’s about our health & wellness?

Burgerat the desk

Most of us (including military folks) have been ambushed by the mindtrap of  ‘Duty Over Personal Wellness’.  

During wartime, in a combat zone, sacrificing our health or wellness is expected.  But here, at home or in our offices? That has to change.

This ‘change’ is Primal Platoon’s mission.  Quite simply, our mission is Warrior-Inspired Wellness, For All.


While the billion dollar dieting industry is busy thinking of the next get-rich-quick scheme, Primal Platoon™ is charged with actually giving a damn about the end game…The wellness end-game, that is.

In addition to our education & training services, This How-To website & blog will will assist you in strategically taking back control of your wellness.

So whether you’re too busy for the gym, need some nutrition pointers, or just plain curious about us, we’ve got your back.

Great Wall of Gould

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